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Adjustable Foot Bar
Mounts on the floor of the sidecar and provides added support for the passenger. Adjustable to 5
positions for varying passenger height.
Convertible Top
Provide your passenger complete protection from the elements with our vinyl convertible top with
removable side-zip clear windows. Snaps on in minutes and stows away easily when not in use. Available
for Friendship III and IISE models.
Electric Lean
California Sidecar’s Electric Lean Adjustment allows you to adjust the lean-angle of the motorcycle with
the flick of a switch, in order to compensate for changing conditions. This accessory is highly
recommended for anyone that does any long-distance riding or touring.

The degree to which a sidecar tracks true down the road is affected by road conditions, wind, varying
weight loads and other variables. A change in one condition can cause an otherwise well-balanced rig to
pull to the right or left. A switch on the handle bar activates a linear actuator mounted on the sidecar
swing arm. This raises or lowers the frame thereby adjusting the lean-angle of the motorcycle and
eliminating the sidecar pull. With this option your rig can be trimmed while underway. The actuator is a
self-enclosed water proof unit that is mounted where it does not intrude on valuable trunk storage

Photos illustrate the movement of the sidecar swing arm, and the drawing shows the frame in highest
position and its effect on motorcycle lean (lean angle is exaggerated)
Sidecar Brake System
Add increased stopping power and control to any California Sidecar, with our integrated disc brake
system. A Brembo caliper and rotor is mounted to the sidecar hub to add extra braking to your sidecar
rig. A quick disconnect coupler allows for easy attachment and detachment. Standard on Friendship III
Steering Damper
Some sidecar combinations may have a slow-speed front-wheel wobble. It usually occurs at speeds
between 5 to 20 m.p.h. The wobble can be very minimal to pronounced, depending on the combination
of sidecar and motorcycle. The wobble can be controlled by a firm grip on the handle bars, or by the use
of hydraulic stabilizer cylinder. California Sidecar's steering damper provides 50-50 dampening, 9 stage
valving and a 3 inch stroke. Comes standard in black, optional factory color match available.