Custom Trikes
are becoming the new show bikes all across the
country, and this one is no different. Our
customers came to us with a vision of what they
ultimately would like to have, and after some
careful planning and some digital renderings and
samples, we were able to come together on a
something that will impress everyone that see it!
Take a look at the progress pictures to see what is
being done and watch this one-of-a-kind come
together as the days go by!
Ken's Custom Trikes     2245 N.E. Jefferson Ave., Peoria, IL 61603     (309)682-2453
The Mile Long Trike
Take a look at how long this trike looks! This is no illusion or photo tweaking. We added a 4
1/2 degree rake kit to even out the front end, making this trike not only look better, but
handle better as well. In our opinion, these rake kits are mandatory when putting a project
like this together!
Blocking The Body
The body is just about ready to go! It won't be long before this
is mounted up and the trike really starts to take on it's true
form. Notice the rounded off fender wells on each side. This
sleek design is part of the newer bodies that Roadsmith is now
offering and it looks great!
Parts Are Prepped!
All of the body parts are stripped down and prepped and ready
to go. The paint department is ready to go to work on the
graphics for this one, and can't wait to get started!
Blocking The Body
Here's another shot of the body that really shows off the
rounded off rear end.
Body Parts In Paint
The rest of the body made it's way to the paint booth today and
is all ready for spray! Hopefully we'll be able to show you some
painted parts in the days to come!
Another Stretched Trike
Here's another shot of the trike all raked out.
True Duals Ready To Go
The Rinehart true duals are installed and ready to fire up! This
exhaust system is one of the best on the market and really add
to the looks of the trike. The sound quality and flow of these
are second to none!
Chrome Front End
The entire front end was chromed out
with a custom front wheel, chrome
lowers, and chrome uppers.
Chrome Upper Fork Boots
We went with Arlen Ness Deep Cut
Chrome upper fork boots to finish off the
chrome look on the front, along with
smooth chrome lower legs.
Chrome Front Wheel
Here's a shot of the custom front wheel.
This wheel is a great match to the rear
wheels and really sets off the entire front
The Body is Mounted To Mock The Graphics
The body was mounted up on the trike to start laying out the
graphics and get an idea of how the paint will flow.
Front Fender Layout
The front fender all laid out and ready to head back for paint.
Body Shot
Here is a good shot of most of the body mocked up and getting
ready for graphics to be laid out.
Inner Fairing
Here's a shot of the inner fairing all based and ready for the
graphics to be laid down.
Look At That Rear End!
This was a good shot of the rear end up on the lift. You can see
the True Dual Rineharts pretty good in this one.
Ken Laying Out The Graphics
Ken started laying out the graphics to get an idea of sizing and
flow yesterday afternoon.
Another Body Shot
Here's another body shot of the trike on the lift. You can really
see the smooth body lines around the fender and trunk here.
The Fuel Tank Is Almost Ready
The graphic layout is nearly complete as Ken makes some final
tweaks to the lines and placement of things.
Front End Shot
Here is a shot of the front end before we started laying out the
graphics. You can see how long the bike really looks here.
The Paint Booth Is Full!
We started painting all the graphics this morning and here is a
shot of one of the side covers just after being sprayed in the
Outer Fairing Graphic
Here is a shot of the outer fairing after the base graphic color
was sprayed. The details of the graphic will come soon!
Fuel Tank Graphic
Here is the fuel tank just after the color went down for the
graphic. Everything is going very smooth!
Another Side Cover
Here is the other side cover after being painted. Keep checking
back to view the progress of the build as we come back from
Thanksgiving and wrap this project up. There are plenty of
things still ahead before this project is complete, and you'll
want to see all of it!
We've Changed The Graphic!!
After a few conversations with our customers, they have
decided to change the graphic. NO PROBLEM! We tore the bike
back down and re-sprayed the base to get it ready for the new
graphics. We have since laid the graphics out and are nearly
complete with the paint end of the build and have about 80% of
the bike put back together. Now it's time to start with the
accessories! We'll have plenty of pictures for you soon to view
the completed project, so check back often!
National Cycle Windshield
A nice shot of the National Cycle windshield and some of the
small embers of true fire on the front fairing.
A Custom Touch
Here's a nice shot of the Foltz Farms logo that was incorporated
behind the passenger seat to personalize the bike.
Custom Paint
Here's another shot of the custom paint that we threw in to
give that personal touch and make the bike unique.
True Fire!!
We've done a lot of true fire, but this was a new technique for
us. The blues really pop off of the bike and there is a ton of
Chrome Wheels
These 5 star chrome wheels look great on the bike and add a
little extra bling to the overall appearance.
If you're bike looks good, then it has to sound good too! A set of
True Dual Rineharts really make this bike sound healthy.
Tour Pak
The tour pak has a very unique effect with smokey black
graphics around the light bar and true fire to match.
Not Your Average Roadsmith
We added a little extra flare to the Roadsmith insignia by
painting the letters in the true fire and keeping a good flow
with the graphics.
Got Avon Grips?
A set of Avon grips were mounted up. These grips are by far the
most comfortable grips on the market and they look great!
Representing Ken's Customs
Our customers were gracious enough to allow us to add our
logoto the trunk. Similar to the Roadsmith logo, we overlayed
our logo on true fire to give it more depth and be less
Here's a good shot of the floorboards we used to replace the
stock HD's. Arlen Ness's Deep Cut line worked perfectly with
this bike and really gives it a clean look.
Finished Product!
This is a real head turner! Look closely to see all of the details
in the paint, accessories, etc. This is definitely not your run of
the mill custom!
Here's a shot of the lower fairing that has just a touch of true
fire to it.
Inner Fairing
This is a really good shot of the inner fairing set up, complete
with the hogtunes tweeter pod painted to match. You can see
the true fire that continues from the outer fairing and comes up
and over the inner to give the effect of driving through flames.
More Chrome
A nice shot of the matching front wheel.
Fuel Tank
You can really see the depth of the flames on the fuel tank in
this shot, and the simplistic old school Harley Davidson logo.
Show Bike
Here's another shot of the overall finished product. Don't be
surprised if you see this one on the cover a magazine!
Check out that rear end!
The small amounts of true fire on the rear end really finish this
bike off. It has a very clean look to it and the tail lights look
great with the fire around it.
Chrome Front End
The chrome front end adds to the overall
sleekness of this bike. With Arlen Ness
Deep-Cut Fork Boots and chrome sliders,
this thing looks amazing!
More Graphics
Here's another shot of the rear end
Front End
This is a really nice shot of the front end.
You can really see the flow of the
graphics from the front to the back.