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Every HT1800 Roadsmith Trike is built with the attention and
craftsmanship needed to be a true extension of the Honda™ motorcycle
itself. Take a closer look and you will see what we mean.

Have Fun, Worry-Free
Wing Guards
Wing Guards are like a running
board.  The main purpose is to
protect your feet from the
elements.  As another benefit,
they just look cool.  They really
seem to tie the front and rear of
the trike together.  Our Wing
Guards are made from tough
fiberglass and supported by
mounts in the front, middle, and
rear.  We cover the areas where
you may step with a non-skid
material.  This new option for the
HT1500 defines form and function
for this ultimate touring machine.
Fuel Tank
We offer a unique auxiliary 5-
gallon fuel tank for our HT1500.
This is another first for the trike
industry from The Trike Shop,
catering to the serious touring
rider. The reason for offering this
option is not because our trikes
get bad gas mileage. In fact, with
our gear ratio and tire size, the
mileage will usually only decrease
by 3-5 MPG. The extra 5-gallon
fuel tank is not to see how long
you can go without stopping, but
rather enjoying the reality that
there are better places to take a
break than a gas station. You’ll
have a range of about 500 miles
now. The fuel tank works by
simply flipping a switch on your
dashboard to pull fuel from either
the primary or auxiliary fuel tank.
Extended Trunk
This fully carpeted trunk insert
adds a 6" tall by 12" wide by 12"
deep extra storage area at the
front of your trunk.  This area
makes a great place to tuck away
your rain gear or chaps.  This
insert basically takes the space
where the auxillary fuel tank
could go.
Steering Kit
The 3 degree steering kit is an
option that most people get, if
not initially, someday. The
GL1500 needs a 3-degree rake
increase to make for a
comfortable and stable trike. To
explain what a steering kit does is
a little complicated. It basically
feels like power steering for your
trike. It reduces the steering
effort by about half. The front-
end geometry of a motorcycle is
designed with a certain amount
of trail in the front end to allow
the bike to counter steer easily
and remain stable. On a trike we
are not counter steering, but
rather steering. This is the
opposite of what the front end
was designed to do. With our
steering kit, we reduce the trail
in the front end to give you
better leverage at the handlebars
to steer your trike. This gives you
better mechanical advantage to
turn the front wheel off of
center. It’s like your handlebars
are twice as wide as they really
are. This can positively affect
your fatigue level at the end of a
long day.
Progressive Fork Springs
These are the ticket to improving
your front-end suspension and are
recommended with the steering
Premium Air Ride
Adjustable air shocks that
integrates with bike's compressor
Chrome Rear Rims
You can brighten up your wheels
with this 16" x 7" chrome rim
option.  They are a 5 x 4 1/2 bolt
pattern with a positive 35mm
Chrome Nerf Bumper
Our Chrome nerf bumper adds
both protection and classic look
to the back of your Roadsmith.  
This bumper is constructed of 1
1/2" steel tubing with caped ends
then fully polished and chrome
plated for years of everlasting
luster.  Functionally, the solid
5/8" bar bolts directly to the
trike's frame.
Fender Spoiler Lights
These attractive additions will
give your Roadsmith a nice detail
to the top of the fender.  They
also have running and brake lights
built in.  This could technically be
categorized as safety lighting!
Standard Mudflaps
These will make the person
behind you a little happier in the
rain and make your Roadsmith
look a little classier. They are
mounted right to the frame with
black powder coated brackets.
Lighted Mudflaps
These mudflaps will not only
prevent that big rooster tail from
soaking your buddies behind you,
they have 6" Roadsmith LED lights
in them that function as running
and brake lights.
Wheel Well Trim Package
This is a 3/8" stick on trim that
goes around your wheel opening.  
It just finishes off the bike nicely.
Roadsmith Trike Cover
Protect your trike on its off days
with this cover made of
waterproof, rip-stop nylon.
Draw Bar
The trike conversion already
comes with a built in receiver for
a trailer.  This is the draw bar
you'll need to actually tow.
Trailer Converter
This harness actually plugs right
into the factory harness to give
you a flat four connector for your
The Trike Conversion That
Started It All

The HT1500 is simply a “purpose
built” touring machine.This is the
trike that started the trike
conversion revolution. If you want to
travel the country worry free, this is
the one for you.
•Independent rear suspension
•True track stabilizer bar
•Longer wheelbase
•Shaft driven differential
•Disc brakes
•Heavy Duty driveshaft
•Alloy wheels
•Storage Compartment
•Factory styled body
•Trailer hitch
•5-gallon auxillary fuel tank
•Steering kit
•3 year 1,000,000 mile
warranty on the entire trike
"Paint-Ready" Main Body
We can prep and prime the body so it's ready to be sanded and painted.
"Paint-Ready" Wing Guards
Here are the wing guards prepped
and primed ready to be sanded
and painted.
Solid Color Paint
We can paint and match to your
bike's exact color.
2-Tone With Pin Stripe
We can paint your body two tone
with matching pinstripe to match
your SE model.
Wing Guards Paint
We can paint your wing guards to
match the bike's exact color.